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Daniel Ángel Romero Senior editor

The following review written by one of the Software Informer contributors applies to version 3.7
Zinio Reader is a magazines' reader to be used with Zinio service. Zinio is a service that allows you to buy magazines in digital format, that you will be able to download and read in your computer, at a fraction of the cost of the paper issues.
In order to be able to read any magazine, you should create an account and buy the magazines you want to read (or ask for a free magazine) beforehand at www.zinio.com. You can choose between lots of different magazines, covering a wide range of topics, both in English and Spanish. Then, using Zinio Reader, you will be able to download the magazines to your computer and read them, among several features. Zinio Reader allows to cycle through pages by using the cursor movement keys or PgDn/PgUp keys. You can zoom in or zoom out to see the pages in a larger size or go back to standard. In every moment you can go to the Table of Contents. You can stick post-it notes to any page of the magazine, writing whatever you like. You can also print out any page or the whole magazine if you want. In some cases, depending on each magazine's license, you will be able to send free copies of a magazine to a friend by e-mail. You can check for new magazines available for you to download (from a subscription) at any moment. Zinio Reader even allows you to search for a word or expression in the whole magazine.


  • It´s free.
  • You can download some free magazines to read.


  • None.

What's new in version 4.2

- improved reading and download performance
- bookmark, clip and tag content
- synchronized online and offline access
- new navigation and search UI
- more interactive digital-only content and video
- share, post and send to friends

Publisher's description

Zinio’s growing suite of applications makes reading digital magazines and books easier than ever, with access to more publications, improved core functionality, and a host of new features. Built in Adobe AIR, our fastest, lightest application to date features clipping, bookmarks, customizable zoom and access to new, enhanced content.

Latest comments

  All comments (5)
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    Guest 4 months ago

    Appalling piece of software. It takes hours to download a single magazine and then consumers vast amounts of memory in use.

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    Guest 5 months ago

    After a virus I had to reformat my hard drive and now I need to download a version of Zinio suitable for windows 7, but all the options that I have found tell me that I must first upgrade to windows 8.1, but my computer is not adequate. Where can I find a program to read my library on this computer?

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    Guest Last year

    It's terrible software. It's slow. The more pages you view the more memory it uses. I have to shut it down about every 60 pages as it slowly consumes RAM. The interface is disgusting.
    I could not recommend this to anyone.

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